Eya Nani
2 min readJun 18, 2021


STEM is an acronym that stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Since i am in the phase of choosing specialisation for my next year i’m going to explain why i chose to be a Full-Stack Web Developer.

Full-Stack Web Developers are computer programmers who are comfortable working in the front-end and back-end side of web development. It does not mean you have mastered everything about web development; it means that you can work on both the front-end and back-end, with minimal assistance. It’s no wonder that employers look for full stack developers. Finding a job in the tech industry can be easy if you have the skill requirement. The more skill you have, the more valuable you become.

Surprisingly, we have lots of programming languages in existence, both those in current use and obsolete ones. Knowing more than one programming language is better, In a separate sphere/language a full stack developer may perform worse than a specialist. If someone has spent five years studying a certain programming language, then it can be assumed that he’ll have deeper knowledge than a person who has spread his attention over several languages over the same period of time. But It’s difficult for you to dig deeper into something. A good full stack developer is permanently overloaded. As a result you have little to none time for learning something new. And if you managed to find some time you have to spread it over different topics you need to learn , and without an in-depth understanding of their concepts and application, it’s useless. Therefore, you should know the languages that will be required for your stack.

In the other way The tech industry is on growing, the demand for jobs such as; web developers, software engineers, and full stack developers also increases. In fact, full stack developer ranked second in Indeed’s report for Best Jobs of 2018.

What makes the position more interesting is that by 2024 web developer job growth is expected to increase by 27%.-U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

the salary of a full stack developer is higher compared to a front-end developer, and back-end developer. In addition, the more languages you know, the easier for you to learn new ones that can upgrade your skill sets — which will give you more employment opportunities.