First Flutter App: Bisklet

Eya Nani
3 min readJun 23, 2021



Our project helps bicyclists to book a bike and find the best route. Our team members are Emna Bouaziz, Khalil Benyahyaten and myself. As an engineering problem, we wanted to focus on creating an experience that would be mobile-friendly. Emna worked on The Front-end of the application, Khalil on the back-end and I worked on both.

Why Bisklet ?

Oddly enough, I don’t really have any interest in bicyling, even though my project is all about bicycle routes. But one day i was reserving a bike for my sister and her friends with “Le lemon tour” which is a bicycle rental company in Tunisia, i found myself confronting the traditional way of booking either on site or by phone so and i came up with the idea of digitizing the service. I brainstorm with my friends the idea and we aimed to add many features such as Google Map, Music playlist.. Such idea may directly help both cyclists to found ultimate routes and the company to track their bikes and to offer the best client experience. We decided to take the challenge and we simply named it “Bisklet” as a tunisian word for bike.


For the Frontend we chose to use Flutter using the dart language. Our choice of using flutter is based on the fact that we can create both iOS and Android apps with the same code. And for the backend we aimed to work with firebase more specifically with the Firestore and Authentification.


  • Feature: Forgot password screen
  • Feature: Splash screen
  • Feature: About screen


Bisklet is the first app creation from scatch for the three of us. This experience presents a challenge not only for the new technologies that we chose to work with but for the timeline very restrinct (3 weeks)

We planned to divide our work between us but the whole organization thing was a failure at the end. We did took so much time, learning dart and doing a perfect job in the UI of all pages and a very short period of time to start learning about Firebase we found ourselves under pressure of time. Early in the project I had decided to provide a save feature for users so that they could return to the app and edit the reservation that they made. Unfortunately we couldn’t make it to the end before the deadline of our project.

what I have learned?

I learned not only new technologies that i enjoyed working with i learned how to learn in a really restrict time, what tutoriel to watch and what courses to attends.


It is little bit disappointing that we couldn’t make it to the end and accomplish everything we aimed to add but for just 9 months of learning programming I’m proud of what we’ve done so far we will not stop in here but we will try to finish what we started.

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